The prospects for 2019 look exciting already for the SAEWA thanks to the latest voluntary offer by professional business analyst, career coach and media strategist "Jody Daniels" from Idreate ( to mentor the SAEWA marketing team. 

An initial planning meeting took place with Jody where a basic roadmap was developed outlining the steps that will be ultimately required to first sharpen  SAEWA's internal vision and core business focus to further improve and expand on all external communication efforts (which is also set to dramatically improve on the Industry Association's social media presence). 

Another key objective of the new SAEWA marketing drive will be  to create (specifically for our  SAEWA Tier 1 MEMBERS) a clear and increasingly attractive value preposition in form of a defined formal business support structure.  This will include the development of  a networking platform to enable the direct link-up of  public and private sector type consumers (in need for a legally fully compliant, safe, sound and reliable business service)  with the respective locally available SAEWA service providers.  The aim is develop with and for our Members viable solutions for the value-added treatment of all e-waste along its entire life cycle.

Watch this space for more developments shortly.............